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Alert Locations

Create your own trip on I-4 by selecting the exits between which you normally travel.

Types of Alert

Get advance alerts about ramp closures, traffic shifts and exit changes.

Get advance alerts about new, planned, overnight lane closures (closing as early as 7 PM and opening as late as 7 AM).

Get advance alerts about lane and road closures on streets that intersect I-4.

Frequency & Delivery Options

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Weekly Friday Advance Construction Alerts

All alert information is delivered once a week.

Approximately per week.

Daily 24-hour Look Ahead

Alert information for the next 24-hour period is delivered each day.

Approximately per week.

Hour-before Reminder

Alert information is delivered for each alert an hour before is set to begin. When more than three alerts are scheduled to begin at the same time, the alert information will be grouped.

Approximately per week.